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 8am-Noon $69

Coached by John Fillippini USAW National Coach

February 18th at Illini CrossFit

John Filippini Coaching Bio:

John’s coaching background started in CrossFit, but it took a turn into Olympic Weightlifting specialization early.  He hasn’t looked back from that specialization since 2008 and has been coaching the lifts in partnership with CrossFit gyms ever since.  As a National Coach with USA Weightlifting, he has advanced athletes to competition at the National and Pan-American level, but continues to prioritize being a developmental coach to beginners first.  He believes deeply that if an athlete learns the fundamentals (1) early on and (2) better than most to begin with, then the long term results are simply a matter of work and dedication over time.

While the methodologies of training advanced athletes have been studied extensively in weightlifting literature, he feels that getting an athlete to that level and keeping them healthy requires a more open mind.  He studies the works of CrossFit, Gymnastics, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, and Rehabilitative exercise experts constantly in order to find new tools to build a solid foundation for athletes and to physically prepare them for the lifts.


  • USA Weightlifting

    • Level 2 National Coach

    • Lead Instructor for USAW Coaching Certifications since 2012 (L1 & L2)

    • IWF Category 2 Referee

    • Announcer for 2015 IWF World Championships, Houston, TX

    • Meet Director for 2014 American Open, Washington, DC

  • CrossFit – Level 1 Trainer

  • NSCA – Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

  • OPEX CCP Level 1 (in progress)



While the Clean & Jerk is the more accessible of the two Olympic lifts to get started with, true mastery of this lift can still be a challenge. The two phases of the Clean & Jerk can seem so different; however within each phase lies the essence of all athletic movement!


On Saturday, February 18, from 8am-12pm, Coach John Filippini will be coming to Illini CrossFit to provide a comprehensive breakdown of the entire life, from ground to overhead.  An experienced and specialized coach can be one of the fastest ways to jumpstart your progress in the Olympic lifts, as well as to make sure that you are exposed to and fully understand correct technique - right from the beginning.


In this course, we’ll break down the Clean & Jerk into 6 lessons, each focusing on the mobility and drills necessary to master that portion of the lift:


  1. The Power Jerk

    1. Rack position mobility

    2. Leg drive

    3. Speed under the bar

  2. The Split Jerk

    1. Split position mobility

    2. Split position consistency

    3. Split position stability

  3. Using the Arms in the Clean

    1. Say whaat…?  You’ll just have to come to find out.

    2. Mobility of the rotator cuff & ankles

  4. Using the Hips in the Clean

    1. No compromises - learn to be aggressive here, even in the heaviest lifts

    2. Mobility of the deep hips

  5. Using the Legs in the Clean

    1. Precision and strength in all phases of the lift

    2. Hamstring & calf mobility

  6. Putting It All Together

    1. You know what to do here


The Olympic lifts require skill, speed, and mobility in addition to strength.  We will lift heavy by the end of the day. But trust us–you will leave here knowing exactly which pieces of mobility, stability, and technique training you need to focus on in order to improve your lifts in the coming weeks or months following this class.